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MULLINAX CONCRETE has been setting the standard for the highest quality concrete and
the most dependable service for the past 60 years. MULLINAX uses only the highest quality products in our concrete.

All of our aggregate is mined at a MULLINAX owned or leased quarry, transported by a MULLINAX truck, crushed and washed at MULLINAX’S processing plant then stored at MULLINAX’S  yard. From start to finish we control everything giving you the confidence that your job will go as planned.

 All of our concrete is batched using Alkon Computerized Batching System to ensure we meet or exceed our customers demanding specifications on every load.  We can work with your engineer or architect to meet any custom specification.

MULLINAX offers Buckeye UltraFiber 500
and a wide range of BASF additives to meet your specific needs. You will find our experienced drivers to be professional, safe, on time, courteous and easy to work with.

Mullinax Concrete: 307-674-4466 #2

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