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How do I know how much concrete to order?
When you have measured the length and distance of the area you are pouring, call our dispatch center 307-674-4466 #2 and they will provide an exact measurement for your project.

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What strength concrete do I need?
Mullinax recommends referring to job site permits, checking city ordinances, job site specs and checking with your contractor for strength requirements.

Why does concrete crack?
The wet concrete will have a loss of volume as the concrete “sets” and continues to harden. This loss of volume occurs as shrinkage. That sets up tensile stresses causing cracks in concrete. Concrete cracking can be controlled but almost never eliminated.

How do I control cracking?
Concrete needs to be jointed to account for the shrinkage that will occur. Joint placement is determined by the thickness of the concrete.

Will my concrete be stronger if I use wire reinforcing?
No, Mesh reinforcing does nothing to make concrete stronger. The reinforcing will keep cracks from opening up once a crack occurs.

What kind of reinforcement should I use in my concrete?
Much depends on what the concrete is being used for. In most cases Buckeye UltraFiber 500 (fiber mesh) is an excellent no hassle solution. You can also use wire mesh or rebar depending on the use. Consult an architect, engineer or your contractor.

What is the purpose of fiber mesh?
Intermixing millions of synthetic fibers into a cubic yard of concrete is meant to reduce or absorb micro-cracking that takes place when concrete sets. If micro-cracking is reduced in the first few hours after placement, cracking will also be greatly reduced.


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